Review: Kuwait Airways A320-200 Business Class (Kuwait KWI – Vienna VIE)

Airline:  Kuwait Airways

Cabin:   Business Class

Route:   Kuwait (KWI) – Vienna (VIE)

Flight:  KU177

Aircraft: Airbus A320-200 (9K-AKK)


Kuwait Airways is the national airline of Kuwait. I have recently seen some pictures of premium cabins on their new B777s and frankly I was quite impressed and wanted to give a try to this company.

Unfortunately on this particular route, they operate much smaller and less “exciting” A320.

Flight from Kuwait to Vienna was a second part of journey that started in Dubai. However I did not make any pictures on that flight. Why? Because I was simply fuming and promising myself not to fly with KU anymore. Attitude of the airline staff in DXB on that particular day was just beyond shocking (if anybody from KU reads this, please, give your staff in DXB airport some more customer service training). Aaaanyways, sorry for that…rant over 🙂

After landing in KWI airport I proceeded  to the Dasman Lounge. Unfortunately Kuwait Airways use this lounge along with many different airlines, therefore on that particular day the lounge was crowded with mostly sleeping people. People slept literally everywhere, dining area chairs, lounge chairs, floors, just anywhere you looked. I overheard one of the lounge staff complaining on the phone to her superiors describing the situation, which seemed to be a well known issue to them. Hope they are working on some solution by now.

For that reason I went to much smaller Dasman Premier Lounge at the end of the terminal, nearby gate 26 with very limited options for snacks and drinks, but at least with some peace and quiet. In general I have to say that KWI airport needs some kind of a face lift, if they want to help their national carrier in establishing themselves among other big middle eastern names.

20170924_070453 1
Dasman Premier Lounge


20170924_070358 1
Only small snacks available


After a bit of chilling in the lounge there was a time to proceed for boarding.

Departure board in KWI airport


Boarding was a breeze since the passenger load was very light (5 passengers in business and what I could see, not more then 30 or 40 in economy class.)

Kuwait is a dry country, therefore there is no alcohol allowed on its territory. Obviously their flag carrier does not serve any alcohol on board their flights for that reason.

Welcome drinks were served promptly. Selection of juices and water served together with a snack containing some nuts and dry fruits. I chose strawberry juice, not because I like it so much, just because it is quite unusual IMHO. Though I enjoyed it (and asked for one more :-))

20170924_075652 1
Welcome drink


Once everybody was on board they passed by with a round of Arabic coffee.


Arabic coffee and date

And somehow expected standard of most of the airlines…hot or cold towel. I am not going to upload any photo of that. I am sure that you all know how an airline towel looks like hehehe.

Headsets were given out by hand, but I have to say, that despite whatever is written on the pouch, they were quite disappointing in quality, reminding me of economy class headsets in some other airlines.

During push back we passed by Kuwait B777 (one of them getting ready to fly to New York).



Short taxi to the runway passing by Kuwait B747 in the distance.

And off we go

20170924_083425 1
Taking off from KWI airport
Kuwait city


Branded Aigner kit bags were given out straight after take off.


The meal service started shortly after. Since it was a morning departure, the breakfast was offered.




I chose Escarole and beans, which was quite tasty.



After I had eaten there was still quite some time to go.

I had seat 4A, immediately forward of the bulkhead. When I compared the recline of my seat with other seats, it was not affected much by proximity to the partition. Anyways these are regional seats, so recline is not too great in any airline. To be honest I need it to really go flat in order to be able to sleep, otherwise I can’t have a snooze. I can imagine it might be annoying on a night flight, when you really wanna have a nap, but on a day flight like this, for watching a movie, doing some work or reading a book it’s enough.



I was surprised to find a writing kit among other items inside the seat pocket. Quite a rare goodie to find in aircrafts these days.


Seat back touch screen IFE system had quite limited selection of western movies and series, however one can always find something to watch there. I am not sure how the experience is once the person in front you reclines the seat, as I was lucky enough not to have anybody there.



This is not too long flight (approximately 5 hours), so we started hour decent into Vienna soon after I finished one movie. So I had my quick coffee, which tasted quite nice.



And after a flight time of 5:30hrs this experience was coming to an end.



My final thoughts? Price of the ticket was very reasonable and it seems like there is lots of work being done in the backgrounds of Kuwait Airways (new B777s, new crew uniforms etc.) and they try to work on improving their image. However there is still a lot to be done (still can’t get over that rude and obnoxious ground staff they have in DXB) and if they continue with their current trend, it might become really good airline. Let’s see.


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