Review: Norwegian B737-800 (Kirkenes KKN – Oslo OSL)

Airline: Norwegian

Cabin:   Economy

Route:   Kirkenes, Norway (KKN) – Oslo, Norway (OSL)

Flight:   DY311

Aircraft: Boeing B737-800 (LN-DYU)

Norwegian Air Shuttle is European airline, that gained huge momentum within past few years and seems to be on an upward trajectory for the foreseeable future.

My flight with them though was just a domestic hop from Kirkenes behind the Arctic circle to the nation’s capital Oslo. As all the low-cost airlines they do not offer much on board, so this review is going to be just a quick one.

KKN is a small regional airport with limited facilities, but I simply love airports like that – everything is right there next to each other, no long walks, no massive queues – just simple and handy.


Kirkenes Airport

Passengers are encouraged by ground staff to check themselves in through self-service kiosk, print their own bag tags and send their check-in luggage by themselves. No issues with that – whole process did not take more than 4 minutes.

Check in area

Then we did two steps and we were at the security, another two steps and we found ourselves in the waiting area at the gates. There were two flights due to depart at that time (one B737-700 and our B737-800), so it felt bit cramped, but nothing unbearable. At least we got to enjoy some winter ramp views.

View of the ramp and the runway.

And here is our white and red baby, landing one hour late though.


Boarding, as expected for an airport of this size, is not done through the airbridge, but by walking to the aircraft. Interesting experience in -20 degrees, however Scandinavian people did not seem to be bothered at all 🙂



Norwegian is proud winner of several rewards in the low-cost airlines category and they remind you of that fact with stickers next to the 1L door.


Wi-fi internet connection is for free for the entire duration of the flight on all the EU routes and that (let’s face it, first world problem, but still….) is just amazing and great comparative advantage with other airlines. Internet was quite fast during the flight – impressive! And if you forget about free internet (I mean, who would?), there are “subtle reminders” all over this plane’s fuselage.


After boarding I went straight to my pre-booked emergency exit seat 16A with ample leg room (standard B738 emergency exit row).


Boarding was quite rushed due to late arrival of the aircraft, but still we departed almost one hour late.

Lining up on the runway.

Quick look on the winter landscapes of northern Norway right after take off.


Promptly after take off crew came with buy on board items. Selection was quite limited with just some hot and cold drinks and one or two options of cold sandwiches. Nothing to complain about on a domestic flight though. Prices were quite reasonable.

In terms of cabin, as I mentioned above, it is a low cost airline with typical high density layout, so one can’t expect luxuries, but aircraft seemed clean and well maintained.


Flight lasted approximately 1:30hrs and Oslo welcomed us with not the best weather


Overall my first time flying with Norwegian was quite impressive, when you keep in mind, that this is a low cost airline and not one of the legacy carriers, you will realize that they win rewards for a reason. Good pricing, free wifi, new planes are all good selling points.

And that one hour delay? Well, let’s forgive them this time 🙂

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